Sunday, May 03, 2009

The latest....

So the latest is the murder of Angie Zapata, a TS woman living in Colorado.

She was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher when her sexual partner discovered her incomplete status. (he grabbed her crotch and found a package)

During subsequent phone calls he referred to her as "it", and in a prison phone call said something like "it's not like it was a real human being or anything." (quote paraphrased by me - may not be semantically correct, but the content is there)

The prosecutors are asking for "hate crime" status. (why on earth they have to ask for this I'll never know) Do you realize how many Ts people are murdered each year? It's staggering and some research. I have..and I'm done crying. Now I'm angry.


I've been needing to write about this for a while..after the nausea settled. I have some questions...

to "straight" men...
WHAT IS WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?!? WHY do you care so much that SOMEONE ELSE wants to remove their genetalia? It's not YOURS! Where does all this hatred and anger come from? GET OVER IT ALREADY!

to the prosecutors and other legal peeps...
When are you going to start prosecuting these criminals? When are the police in New York City who sodomized many a Ts person with police batons going to be prosecuted? and WHY is it not a given that these things are hate crimes no matter who gets murdered whether it be a woman who is raped, or a gay who is beaten and killed or a TS????? You guys are NOT doing your jobs..

to the TS people...sadly usually m2f...
What is it with the risky behavior? Not that any one in any way "deserves" the horrors that happen to TS women ..but come there some shred of male thinking still buried in your minds that says "for me it will be different"???? What are you thinking..going to clubs and picking up fetish freaks who only want pre-ops. Going to straight bars and picking up men without telling them the truth. So many Ts women I know engage in downright dangerous behavior. Girls..get it together you are putting yourself in danger every time you do this. Stop being so arrogant. Yes life is lonely..and yes the world treats women crappy in general, TS women probably in particular..but love yourself..take care of yourself..protect yourself.

I want to slap all these people's just stupid.

Til next time.

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