Tuesday, January 24, 2006

They get screwed yet again!

Well, rats..today the IRS has ruled that M2F SRS does not qualify as a deductable medical expense. This will leave many post ops in the position to be audited by the IRS.

What is WITH these people???? This pisses me off on many levels..and it really hammers my feminist buttons. It's bad enough that medicare and medical insurance do not cover birth control pills. THEN today they vote to affirm Alito who is out to re-try Roe vs Wade as if he actually can. (of course he has a penis..anything is possible) Now this. It seems that our esteemed government is hell bent on screwing over women whether they are biologicals or ts!

This SO sucks!

You can read an article about the IRS determination at this link:
IRS Denies Medical Expense Deduction for Costs of
Gender-Reassignment Surgery


First Post


This is a blog intended for the friends and SO's of transitioning individuals. I've found out that there are few real positive resources for this purpose, and this is a test run toward future possibilities. TS's are welcome to post here too. This blog is a tool for us to build support ties with our loved ones as they walk through what is probably the best and at the same time the worst time of their lives.

Several very close friends of mine are currently transitioning. This has been joyful and horrifying as my whole perception of them is being forced to change. Sometimes I'm angry because its out of my hands and I feel controlled and manipulated.

Sometimes I'm happy and proud to be on the journey with them. This is a Twilight Zone of emotions but I can't imagine being anywhere else.

Please feel free to post your thoughts, concerns, comments or challenges. This is a Moderated blog, so if you get too nasty I'll pull the comments.