Saturday, May 07, 2011

Catching UP


Two years have flown. I'm almost an official Marriage and Family Therapist.

Last month we staged an amazing event at school: Understanding TransGender Families - Insight for educators, therapists, students, and the community.

The goal of the event was to provide insight on managing transition within the family system from a family/couples advocacy lens.

We had two wonderful speakers: Helen Hill, MFT, and Dr. Max Fuentes-Furhmann PhD.

It was a truly powerful event and we were fortunate enough to record video for the event. Once edited the material will be available here and on YouTube.

The point of this is that the family of the transitioning individual are along for the ride whether they want to or not. They are often in the margins surrounding the hugeness of activity surrounding the transition process and are seriously conflicted in their own emotions.

I think that a good metaphor is to think of the margin as under train tracks with a train blasting over the top of them. I want all families to know that there is hope and help for them and that the confusion and love and anger and compassion can all be negotiated with a strongly positive outcome.

Please know that there is hope!