Thursday, January 01, 2009

WOW What a Year!! aka How the Heck did this Happen?

Can you believe the end of 2008?

On the amazing side..we managed to actually elect a president who actually represents the demographic in this NOT white-anglo-saxon-protestant. And although many in this nation are still patting themselves on the back about this amazing blast of equanimity, it's down right embarrassing that America has only now done this..particularly considering that most dominant countries in the world have had OMG heaven forbid..a the highest office of the land..including Israel and Saudi Arabia.

On the shameful side the economy is falling apart. And here in the state of California..we managed to let a no brainer for such a "liberal" constituency fall through the cracks.

How did it happen that such a common sense thing as the right to marry whom ever you please manage to actually be defeated in a bill that actually sets the State Constitution in a position to mandate discrimination?

The answer is simple, and it's the same answer which comes into play when cruelty and violence are directed toward LGBT individuals: FEAR.

Sensible people know that marriage for anyone does not threaten "traditional" marriage aka: marriage by religion in any way. We all assumed that reason would reign true. Sad wasn't it? What an error this was considering that this was the era of the offering of a Vice Presidential candidate who insulted all of the able and competent women in the Senate and House of Representatives by her complete and utter incompetence.

Going forward we must make sure that we don't fall into complacence again. Well, ok, I must make sure..

What were we thinking?

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